Lose Weight In A Week

Have you felt as though life has given you lemons? If so, you can use them to work on a diet that will allow you to drop your dress sizes with little effort. The Lemon Diet could be exactly what you need to drop the weight. Expert nutritionists are agreeing that the lemon diet is exactly what you need to lose the weight in order to drop about a dress size in as little as a week.

Is The Lemon Diet For You?

You will find that there is a rather significant warning that comes along with the Lemon Diet. A technical nutritional Lemon Diettherapist with our organization said that not everyone should go through such an extreme, strict and fast diet for a long period of time. Someone who is underweight, elderly, pregnant, your or frail from a health condition or illness should not think about taking on this kind of cleanse. Anyone who is on a certain kind of medication from their doctor should check with their healthcare professional prior to considering the Lemon Diet. Someone who has blood sugar issues, diabetes, problems with their blood pressure, or someone who may be relatively unhealthy should not think about this kind of a diet.

Even further, if you are not someone who loves lemons, this will not be a diet for you, as it is very lemony. Even if you are not going to be drinking the lemon mixture, it is very likely that you will be consuming something else that may be made from lemons. You may have so much lemon that the smell of it could end up permeating everything that you do, which ends up smelling very similar to those moist towelettes that you get for cleaning your hands. This is just a friendly warning before you dive in.

What About The Ingredients?

This is the kind of diet where you need to pay attention to all that you are consuming in order to get the best results. While taking a look at the Lemon Diet, you need to be able to stick to a strict regimen that includes a salt water flush first thing in the morning. You also have to consume six to twelve of the Master Cleanse lemonade along with a laxative tea at night. Some people opt to drink a peppermint tea throughout the day as well, along with water here and there. This will last up to 10 days for the best results, while there are some people who will enjoy the diet longer. Watch this video for more information: